[free-software-melb] FSM Oct 17 - The Future of Free Software Culture

Ben Sturmfels ben at stumbles.id.au
Thu Oct 17 15:44:06 AEDT 2019

Hi Folks,

I won't be able to make it to FSM tonight unfortunately, but given
you'll be touching on RMS's resignation, I'd encourage you to read this
post from  Bradley Kuhn (ex. FSF board member) yesterday before the meeting:


The whole ordeal came as a complete surprise to me and made me sad.
Partly this is because it's resulted in a lot of bad publicity for the
Free Software community that could potentially have been avoided. Partly
also because I'm deeply grateful for and influenced by RMS's activism,
commitment and many of his values, such as simultaneously praising the
good while also critisising the bad that organisations do - so it's hard
to see him retire under such poor circumstances. His career with FSF
certainly deserves celebrating.

There's been a bunch of people I respect and trust making similar
comments about RMS no longer being the best leader for the FSF though,
so while it makes me sad, I think it's important that we accept what's
happened, focus on the future, and keep working hard to provide everyone
with access to free software. There's a lot of work to do! :)


On 12/10/19 21:15, PuZZleDucK wrote:
> Hi folks,
> It's certainly turbulent times for the Free Software Foundation and for the
> community in general. With an unexpected change of leadership at the
> Foundation underway we thought it would be a good time to get together and
> discuss the possible outcomes and ramifications of the current crisis as
> well as the possible impacts it could have on us.
> Along with every crisis we are also presented with opportunities, and in
> this case maybe our opportunity is to reflect on our own public image as an
> organisation and reassess where we stand and what we stand for. We will be
> talking about how are we currently using social media and how we might be
> able to better reach the wider public and communicate or message about the
> importance of Free Software.
> See you all there
> Event details:
> Thursday 17th March, 6:30-8:00pm
> 31 Arden St, North Melbourne, Victoria, 3051
> Map: http://osm.org/go/uG4HWyqEz?m=&node=2556615434
> Travel tips by Electron Workshop: http://www.electronworkshop.com.au/map/
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