[free-software-melb] Second review of Assistance and Access Act, deadline 22 February (Friday!) for submissions

Peter Serwylo peter at serwylo.com
Thu Feb 21 22:51:41 UTC 2019

Hi all,

On 22/2/19 9:41 am, Les Kitchen wrote:
> ...
> I'm still hoping to put in an individual submission, really
> covering much the same ground in different words, hoping my
> position as "academic expert" might carry some weight.

Ha. I like to think that the only time I put "Dr" in front of my name is
when I'm writing letters to politicians or trying to get upgraded to
business class on a flight ;)

I've submitted an individual submission which has a bit of a
free-software focus, if you're interested in taking anything from there
and incorporating it into the FSM submission. It is based on a letter I
sent to the original committee, and also I wrote a letter similar to
this to all Victorian senators and my local member who voted for the


However, I think that you have already covered most of my points in your
letter, which is well written!

Just make sure that if you email this in, that you also follow up in
order to make it public. For the original comittee, the default was for
emailed correspondence to not be made public, and then I received an
automated response saying "Thanks for your submission! blah blah (If you
want it to be public respond to this email) blah blah" which I
overlooked, and as such my original submission was not made public :(



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