[free-software-melb] FSM - Games Night 🎮

PuZZleDucK puzzleduck at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 20:56:53 UTC 2018

21st June 2018 6:30PM
Electron Workshop - 31 Arden Street

Our last games night was so successful that we thought, “why not do it
again!?” And that is what we are doing. All things Libre and games, this
time we will be able to show off some new games while we are at it rather
than just being sucked into a multiplayer matches of Free Doom or
Hedgewars. That said it that happens again, it is fun regardless. ;)

So come along, join in and bring a friend to show what can be done when
games are free for all to use and share. Bring a laptop or use one of the
ones provided.

Afterwards will be the usual with dinner in North Melbourne were we can
chat about anything and everything Free and Open Source.

Event is on 21st June at Electron Workshop - 31 Arden Street. Doors open at
6pm with the event starting at 6:30pm. This is a non technical event and
all are welcome.

Map: http://osm.org/go/uG4HWyqEz?m=&node=2556615434
Travel tips by Electron Workshop: http://www.electronworkshop.com.au/map/
Announce https://freesoftware.org.au/blog/games-night/

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