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Tue Jun 21 04:01:31 UTC 2016

On Tue, 21 Jun 2016 13:22:28 +1000
Andrew McGlashan <andrew.mcglashan at affinityvision.com.au> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 21/06/2016 6:01 AM, Ben M wrote:
> > I've mashed up all our ideas and suggestions and have something rather
> > presentable here: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/fsm-City-of-Casey
> Some great work, reading through it now.
> Just a couple of quick points.
> - local councils are not local government
>    - perhaps change "in relation to government" to
>        "in relation to governance of the people"

Local councils are local government. They are created under the Local
Government Act 1989. (The only place where I have seen the above
argument is on a "sovereign citizen"-type website trying to argue that
local government is unconstitutional. In any case, the courts do not
recognise such a distinction, and neither should we.)

> - licensing
>    - volume licensing from Micro$oft often requires EVERY single,
>      possible user to be included in the license count.
>      - therefore, I am not sure how it can be claimed that you can
>        easily lessen license cost, even if some employees are
>        /sometimes/ excludable from the license count.  It is normal
>        for server users to need CALs (client access licenses),
>        there may be situations where users can't be excluded if the
>        license is needed at all.  I hate M$ licensing very much,
>        not only is it very costly, but it is often confusing.

I'm not sure how MS licensing works in detail, so hopefully someone
else will have more information. But if, say, one of Council's offices
has migrated to Linux and the rest of Council's offices are still stuck
with MS, then surely the Linux users would be excluded from the count?

> Still reading through, but thought it might be best to get people
> thinking about the above before the deadline arrives.  Is the deadline
> actually close of business today?

Yes, unfortunately. We've got less than 3 hours left, so there isn't
much time.
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