[free-software-melb] The JavaScript Trap (was: Viewing YouTube videos with free software)

Ben Finney ben+freesoftware at benfinney.id.au
Tue Feb 9 04:16:46 UTC 2016

Brian May <brian at microcomaustralia.com.au>

> Ben Finney <ben+freesoftware at benfinney.id.au> writes:
> > The website won't operate properly without non-free code running in
> > the browser. If you don't trust YouTube to run programs on your
> > computer, that's a bad option.
> What non-free code is this?

Non-free programs downloaded by your browser, from the website and other
third-party websites as specified by the page.


Enabling HTML5 video on YouTube means you avoid non-free Flash programs.
It still requires you run non-free JavaScript programs.


The LibreJS effort is the beginning of a way out of this; we're not out


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