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Sven@GMX Sven_Andriske at gmx.net
Fri Apr 5 09:49:58 EST 2013


I updated MATE 1.4 to MATE 1.6 desktop yesterday without rebooting. I
noticed few visual changes. When I turned my laptop back on this morning
the entire desktop configuration was wrecked. Nothing is as it was
before, all applets are gone, pretty much everything including panel
settings is back to default. I also noticed, when making changes in
appearance settings it stops working, can only select icons on the
desktop but nothing can be run anymore and have to change to a console
and reboot the system.

Does anyone have an idea how to re-use the MATE 1.4 desktop
configuration, because it is still there but just not being used?

Any help is much appreachiated.

Sven (Andriske)/ VK3SIX

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