[free-software-melb] Software freedom talk on 3RRR's Byte Into It, 2011-05-18

Ben Finney ben+freesoftware at benfinney.id.au
Thu May 26 12:22:39 UTC 2011

Howdy all,

On Wednesday evenings, Melbourne radio station 3RRR has a computers and
new technology program, Byte Into It

I have been an occasional co-host over the past several months, and am
starting to make a presence for discussion of software freedom on the
show <URL:http://rrrfm.libsyn.com/category/Byte%20Into%20It>.

On the 2011-05-18 show we discussed several topics that intersect with
software freedom, including: BitCoin; Microsoft's plans for Nokia and
their projects; the Apple and Google hand-waving in the wake of more
privacy blunders; and a promotion of the Defective By Design campaign
Brick Nintendo.

That was probably the most I've managed to talk about software freedom
so far in a single Byte Into It program. The audio is now available for
download at <URL:http://rrrfm.libsyn.com/byte-into-it-18-may-2011>.

I will keep an eye on the Free Software Melbourne forum (here) for
announcements and items to see what's suitable to discuss on future
shows. It's fairly unpredictable which week I'll be on as a host, but if
it's of interest I can notify here after any such program is online.

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Ben Finney

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