[free-software-melb] Software Freedom Day, 19th Sep - speakers wanted

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Sun Jul 26 14:48:12 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I am looking for people who are interested in helping share the
awesome that is free software, by giving a talk or tute on Software
Freedom Day (Saturday 19th September). Your mission, should you choose
to accept it, is to communicate to a beginners or intermediate
audience, in approximately 25 minutes, some project or aspect of free
software that gives you warm fuzzies and helps you sleep well at night
knowing the world is a better place, or at least makes you go, "Huh.

I have listed some ideas to get you thinking, below. Further notes are
also at <http://wiki.cc.com.au/SFD09/Talks>. Please reply to me
off-list when you know what you want to enthuse about.



  * What is software freedom?
        o incl. history of free software movement
  * Free software licenses
        o could perhaps just be a component in a general talk on
software freedom
  * How do open source projects work?
        o how do they get started, how do people contribute, how do
people know what to do, who makes final decisions, forking
  * How to become an open source developer
        o How to find a project, how to check if it suits you, how
to find easy ways to start, submitting patches?
  * Open formats/standards & why they matter
  * Introduction to free content licensing (Creative Commons)
  * Open access (academic publishing)
  * OLPC project
  * Firefox
  * Opera
  * Thunderbird
  * Wordpress
  * Inkscape
  * OpenOffice
  * Audacity
  * GIMP
  * GnuCash
  * Some feed reader (plus: what are feeds)
  * [Your Favourite Free Software Package Goes Here]
  * MediaWiki/Wikipedia/some other wiki (contributing)
  * HTML/CSS (web design using some particular package?)
  * Back-ups
  * Demystifying bug trackers (could look at a few - Bugzilla, trac?)
  * Beginning programming with Python
  * Programming for kids with Squeak/Alice/Scratch
  * Introduction to IRC


  * Beginning the command line
  * How to start your own web site (getting started with shared
webhosting using open source tools)
  * Beginning source control (concepts + basic commands in svn, bzr)
  * Any of the software mentioned in 'Introductory', but with a more
advanced take (starting to look at modifying it, e.g.
extensions/plugins, how to tweak it yourself)
  * Using a debugger
  * Practical programming with Python (scripting - solving 'real
world' problems)
  * Understanding the Linux stack (kernel, window manager, desktop
environment, utilities, etc)
  * Managing software in Linux (aptitude etc)
  * Introduction to databases (not just SQL...)
  * Introduction to MVC framework?
  * Drupal
  * Greasemonkey or more generally, Firefox extensions
  * JavaScript
  * Emacs :)

Any of the packages mentioned above, especially in a "how to achieve X
using Y" setting.

They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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