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Thu Oct 4 01:52:17 UTC 2018

Greetings fellow freedom lovers, it is that time of the month again. We
might not be Druids celebrating the change of the seasons but we do
celebrate a similar quarterly event - our Libre Games Night!

Time once again to come together and have a good time as we complete and
co-operate in all manner of games both free and libre. We can show you new
titles to try out or just have fun with your current favorites. If you need
help installing some on your own machine then we are more than happy to
help out and get you playing.

If you don't have your own computer we will try and provide you with one
for the evening. This is a non-technical event and all are welcome.

The event is on 6:30PM - Thursday 18th October 2018 at Electron Workshop; 31
Arden Street North Melbourne
Doors open at 6pm and the event will go through to 8pm. Afterwards we will
have dinner in North Melbourne as usual and we can continue any discussion
that may (Almost definitely!) have arisen.

Michael Verrenkamp
Committee Member - Free Software Australia - http://www.freesoftware.org.au/
Advocating for freedom in computer software
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