[free-software-melb-announce] FSM Working group hacking hackathon licensing

Ben M PuZZleDucK+fsm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 03:24:57 UTC 2017

Hey there Freedom Hackers

Another virtual meetup on the Riot channel for the working group this
month, seemed to work well last month just using text and maybe we could
jump on mumble if we need to chat

As it's coming up on hackathon season, this month at the Working group
we're going to have a go at putting together a "hackathon licensing
guidelines" page for the wiki and a kit of materials, pitches, suggestions
and links

I imagine the popular github licensing page would be a good start along
with the FSM licensing guide, but more diversity and event specific advice
could be given. Feel free to drop any suggestions in the new FSM Riot
channel: # and we'll scan back over on the night

We'll be hanging around the #freesoftwaremelb:matrix.zammit.org room from
6:00pm on Thursday the 6th of April and start breaking up into "license
family groups" and preparing a list of resources and info

Event details

Thursday 6th April, 6:30-8:00pm
Location: Online in Riot chatroom: #freesoftwaremelb:matrix.zammit.org
Wiki: http://freesoftware.org.au/wiki/
Having trouble connecting? Call one of the Bens on 0419 390 496
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