[free-software-melb-announce] Get ready for GPG key signing on Saturday

Ben Sturmfels ben at stumbles.id.au
Thu Sep 17 05:22:33 UTC 2015

Hi Folks,

Heard about GPG, but never quite gotten around to getting set up? Well
Software Freedom Day on Saturday your chance. Stoo's talk at 11:30am has
all the details and we're holing a Cryptoparty / GPG keysigning session
at 12:30pm.


Don't have a GPG key? Take a look at the FSF's guide to email
encryption, and complete steps 1 and 2. If it all seems to hard, we're
happy to help you on Saturday.


Have a GPG key now? Run the following command in a terminal, copy
the output into a text document and print it out on slips of paper to
give out at the key signing:

    gpg --fingerprint [your email address]

Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


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