[free-software-melb-announce] Software Freedom Day is on Again!

Scott Junner scott.junner at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 10:19:10 UTC 2015

Hello Freedom Lovers.

Come together, on Saturday, over freedom!

Freedom must be protected. Freedom must be upheld. Freedom matters!

But most of all Freedom must be celebrated. Otherwise, we forget. And
what do we face if we forget?

On Saturday the 19th of September, this year of 2015, we want to
celebrate SOFTWARE FREEDOM with you.

Freedom to use the software how we see fit.
Freedom to study the software.
Freedom to modify the software.
Freedom to distribute the software.

So we can Create.
So we can Share.
So we can Invent.
So we can Collaborate.
So we can Learn.
So we can has Privacy.

Come join us at the Electron Workshop.
Time: 11am - 4pm
Address: 31 Arden St, North Melbourne.

Talks, Demonstrations, Displays and the coolest most brilliant people
on the planet.

Bring your projects and show them off.
Bring your friends who are hopelessly lost in a world of proprietary
Bring your aluminium foil hat wearing uncle.
Bring your inventions
Bring Cake!

You have the freedom to bring cake.

Yay Software Freedom!

Software Freedom Day is proudly brought to you by:
Linux Users of Victoria
Free Software Melbourne
and YOU.

Program Outline and Map

For global celebration info go to
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