[free-software-melb-announce] Free Software Melbourne Gaming Event - Thur 21st Nov

Adam Bolte abolte at systemsaviour.com
Sun Nov 17 22:44:37 EST 2013

Greetings all,

As you may be aware, we have a very special Free Software Melbourne
meet-up scheduled for Thursday night.

It's time to get your game face on! :)

We're going to be playing a variety of free software games, including
old favourites such as OpenArena, Teeworlds and even Super Tux Kart.

Additionally, we'll be putting the projector to good use and taking
Alex's new Cargo game for a spin. I assure you, it's quite entertaining.

So if you have a laptop or netbook, make sure to bring it (and perhaps
your mouse and power adapter too). If you have a USB game-pad you'd like
to try any of the games with, make sure you bring that along as well.
Even PS2 and Xbox game-pads can generally work quite easily (so long as
you have a USB adapter).

Dinner sponsorship is yet to be confirmed, however we are planning to
order pizzas. If you're interested and have any special dietary
requirements, please let Alex know in advance to make sure we have you

If you don't already have the games, installer files or packages will be
provided on the night (as well as the source code, naturally)!

The meet-up will be held at our usual VPAC time and location:

Date: Thursday 21st November
Time: 6-9pm

VPAC Head Office Training Room
Level 1, Building 91, 110 Victoria Street

However if you can't make the location, fear not! This time we're
prepared to try hosting external dedicated servers for the night so
people that live too far away can still join in the fun. If this sounds
like something you want to see, please post to the free-software-melb
list to express interest.

For everyone else, see you Thursday!


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