[free-software-melb-announce] Free software discussion group this Thurs 21 March

Ben Sturmfels ben at stumbles.id.au
Tue Mar 19 15:46:51 EST 2013

Hi Folks,

Sorry for the late announcement. I'm looking forward to seeing you all
this Thursday night for Free Software Melbourne discussion group and

I had an amazing experience this week; a video call using free software
that worked beautifully. It's been a long wait for a free software
equivalent to Skype. Perhaps we're close! I'd love to hear your
experiences with video calling.

Trisquel 6.0 was also released very recently; the fully-free distro
endorsed by the FSF. I'll be giving a quick demo.

Join us for all that and more free software chatter.


Free Software Melbourne discussion group

Thursday 21 March, 6-9pm
VPAC Head Office Training Room (see website)


 - Free software video calling: are we there yet? (discussion)

 - Trisquel 6.0 (demo and discussion)

 - Tasty dinner at a nearby restaurant
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