[free-software-bris] Thursday 4 September meeting agenda

Fraser Tweedale frase at frase.id.au
Mon Aug 25 07:57:57 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

Details for next week's meetup:

Time: Thursday 4 September, 6:00 pm
Venue: The Edge, Window Bay 7 (pretty much straight ahead as you enter)

Sean Chalmers will give a talk about how free software has helped
him gain - and share - valuable skills and knowledge:

  From a Bash shell, to Drupal, then France, back to Drupal, and
  finally on to Haskell and the programming language research rabbit
  hole. This talk will be a look into the importance of access to
  the knowledge and research of others, and their willingness to
  share, and how this has helped me reach where I am today.  I will
  also touch on the effect this has had on how I treat the knowledge
  that I have, and the knowledge that I gain.

Other agenda items:

- News.  We will have a brief news segment - send me your news items
  to be discussed or just tell us about it on the night!

- Choosing a name.  We have received a few good suggestions so we
  will discuss and hopefully decide a name for our group.

  + Libris
  + LibrePlanet Brisbane
  + Software Libre Brisbane
  + ... others?  Suggestions are still welcome!

- Code of Conduct.  We ought to have one and I will suggest we adopt
  the LibrePlanet Code of Conduct[1].  We will discuss this and
  hopefully come to an agreement.

  [1] http://libreplanet.org/wiki/LibrePlanet:Code_of_Conduct

After the meeting: Food.  Hopefully this month we can make it to
Beastie Burgers before they close, but otherwise it will be eats
somewhere else in the South Bank precinct.

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