[free-software-bris] free software group

Fraser Tweedale frase at frase.id.au
Tue Aug 5 11:40:23 UTC 2014

Hi folks,

I have been threatening it for a long time, and it is finally
happening!  The inaugural meeting of Free Software Brisbane (name
tentative) is occurring this Thursday at The Edge, from 6pm.

The group will aim to meet once a month and will focus on free
software philosophy, advocacy and education, with an aim to be
accessible to non-technical folks.  Therefore, any technical content
will serve these ends, e.g., tutorials on free privacy or tours of
free office productivity software are the sort of presentations we'd
be after...  deep dive on the latest virtualization software or
Emacs mode, not so much :)

We have two talks lined up for the first night - Introduction to
Free Software by George Wilson, and Campaigns of the Free Software
Foundation by yours truly.  We'll probably get some grub at South
Bank afterwards.

I realise it is late notice, but if you are able to come along,
great!  If you could please pass this message along to anyone who
might be interested, it would be appreciated.  (To those I blind
copied, you can also subscribe to this mailing list if you are
interested ^_^).

Many thanks, and I hope some of you will be able to come along on


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